Have you ever seen one of THESE?  Velvet Ants are one of the beauties in the insect world of Georgia.  We run across these creatures every once in a while out in the fields when we are doing other work, and its always a joy to see something we don’t get to see every day.  These Velvet Ants are actually parasites on certain species of ground dwelling wasps where they actually lay their eggs on the larvae of a few other species of wasps as a food source for their own larvae.

Once they develop into adults, they will eat plant nectar and consume water for hydration, but their parasitic behavior stops.

If you see one of these beautiful creatures . . . enjoy watching it, but LEAVE IT ALONE!  Their sting is apparently excruciating, but I thankfully wouldn’t know first-hand . . . and I don’t plan to experiment just to have first hand knowledge.

This is one of those insects you don’t need to worry about controlling.  They are solitary, and have no workers or colony to treat.  They are also so tough that entomologists often have a difficult time piercing their hard exoskeleton with a pin when mounting them on an ID card.

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Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!

Glenn Laney

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