Finding MAJOR termite damage isn’t something that happens every day . . . but unfortunately for some home-owners it does sometimes happen.  For the unfortunate who have experienced major termite damage, they seem to always ask “Can this termite damage be stopped?” OR “What do I do NOW?”  Let’s handle these questions separately . . . but keep scrolling after reading the answers to these two questions for the third question you should be asking instead.

Can termite damage be stopped? – The short answer is YES.  Termite damage can be stopped, but it CANNOT be reversed!  Simply getting rid of the active termites currently eating the structure of your home does not reverse or undo the damage already done.  In many cases, termite damage that is caught early is not always a structural issue requiring major structural repair.  Many times termites can infest a home and do only superficial or aesthetic damage that requires only aesthetic repairs.  This is true especially if termite activity is caught or detected early and the termites are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner OR if the home is preemptively treated in order to PREVENT termites from becoming a problem BEFORE they attack.

What do I do NOW? – After you find out you have termites your options are 1) Stop the termites from eating your home OR 2) Let the termites keep eating your home.  In most cases stopping the termites is the obvious answer and should be chosen without much thought.  Stopping termites is usually a simple process (though it does involve hard work) that can be done pretty quickly.  We’ve seen a few homes that are beyond repair, with the cost of repairs being more expensive than the total value of the home.  If the damage is significant, you may want to get a repair estimate before spending ANY money on termite protection.


Can termite damage be PREVENTED?  Yes!  Termite damage can be prevented by protecting your home BEFORE you have a termite infestation.  A simple phone call to schedule a termite inspection of your home begins the process of termite protection.  Your home is a major investment and home owner’s insurance does not cover termite damage.  Simply having an inspection each year does not guarantee you will NEVER have termites, but just laying eyes on the common areas where termites are found in and around your home could be the difference between smaller repairs and MAJOR REPAIRS.  If you are like most home-owners, you like the idea of NO REPAIRS best of all.

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Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!


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