Close your eyes and visualize this scenario . . . well, I guess you can’t really close your eyes AND read at the same time.   Imagine walking into the home you just purchased carrying the last box of your stuff in from the moving truck.  The house isn’t perfect, but you got a great value when you bought it . . . knowing that your sweat equity would pay off in the long run when you get ready to sell it.

You set the last box down, out of the way in the dining room, while you prepare to clean, paint and make your new house feel like home.  You come inside, close the door (maybe a little harder than intended) and a large part of the wall collapses to dust right in front of you!

What you didn’t know before you made the down payment and committed to a 30-year mortgage is that the house is infested with termites on all four sides, and you now have a major repair list you weren’t counting on or budgeting for.  YES . . . this actually happens more than you might believe!

Watch this short video so you will know some of the glaring signs of termite activity you can look out for before making that 30-year commitment and signing on the dotted line for your new mortgage.

Unfortunately, without a proper termite inspection during your “due diligence” period . . . THIS COULD BE YOU!!!  Don’t let this be you!  Don’t get caught in this situation and be stuck without a plan or a budget to deal with this!  Looking for these signs of termite activity on your own does not mean you don’t need the home inspected by a termite professional, it is simply a guide of some glaring signs you can be aware of as you view the home yourself for the first time.

Also, don’t just walk away from a house that you like simply because of past or present termite activity in a house.  You just need to KNOW the facts before deciding, and the only way to KNOW is to have any home you are considering owning thoroughly inspected before you get too committed in the process.

If your home hasn’t been inspected for termites in the last year, or you don’t remember the last termite inspection your home received, call NOW to schedule an inspection.  Maybe you just have a simple question about termites, or any other bug or pest like; spiders, scorpions, ants, roaches, rats, mice or mosquitoes . . . call Ennis Exterminating at 770-716-0867 and ask for me, Glenn Laney. I’ll be happy to speak with you any time!

Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!


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