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Termite Prevention

Termites have a genuine purpose in our eco-system. They help breakdown dead wood and return it back into our environment as healthy soil. However termites are one of the most dangerous pest infestations that homeowners can face. This is because they cause considerable structural damage to the internal structure of any home. Subterranean termites are commonly found throughout Fayetteville, GA. These pest can consume the structural timbers, framing, and flooring for years without homeowners even noticing. When visible damage starts to appear, homeowners are faced with an expensive price tag to repair their property.
Fortunately, we specialize in the prevention and treatment of termite invasions. Ennis Exterminating uses the industries highest rated termite extermination products that are designed to decimate colonies.
It's important to understand the risk homeowners in Fayetteville, GA have with the threat of subterranean termites. 
We recommend scheduling an appointment with us and learn how we can get rid & protect your home from feeding termites. 

The Sentricon® system with its Always Active technology uses scientific information about termite behavior. The Sentricon system is designed to end the food chain needed by the queen and her colony to survive; this termite protection method is powerful to wipe-out a hungry termite colony and termite generations to come. The Sentricon system gives your Fayetteville home the complete termite protection it deserves. 

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Ennis Exterminating is a full termite service company and can meet the needs for our Fayetteville consumers like homeowners, realtors, new home builders, and more.
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