Have you ever had wasps getting inside your home and you couldn’t figure out where they came from?  Every once in a while we get a call from someone who has wasps that continually get inside their home and it is usually one of the two or three common entry points that allow them inside.

It’s one thing to have a single wasp get inside your house, but to have a few wasps every day getting inside is a different story.  A single wasp inside can simply fly through a door when the door is open for a few seconds too long, but when you have multiple wasps a day getting in it becomes more of a problem.  Most of the time when we are dealing with bugs and pests we focus on patterns rather than single insects.  If you see a single spider, it may just be a single spider and not a big problem.  The same thing goes for roaches, stink bugs, centipedes and even wasps.

This video highlights one of the places wasps can gain access to the inside of your home and become a particular nuisance.  These wasps are fairly contained inside the vent hood grease filter, but a few did escape into the room and cause some concern in this kitchen.  If you are like most people, its hard for you to stand still and not swat, duck or wince when a wasp or other flying, stinging insect is buzzing around your face.  The good news is that unless you are near their nest, wasps are usually not very aggressive and your chance of getting stung is low.  That said, we know you want the wasps out of the house.

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