Well . . . what IS in your crawl space?  If the answer is “I have no clue”,  “How do I get in my crawl space?” OR “Why would I go down there?” . . . you need to venture through small opening on the outside of your home every once in a while and face the spiderwebs, crickets, dust, dirt, snake skins and all the other things you might find down there just so you know what is going on and possibly take care of some maintenance items before they become major repairs.

That’s the hard way, but there IS an easy way!  Have someone else crawl down there for you and take some pictures of anything they find that needs your attention.  When we inspect crawl spaces for termites we are also on the lookout for wood destroying fungi, wood boring beetles, excess moisture, plumbing leaks, standing water, ants, roaches, disconnected dryer vents, wildlife and a whole host of other things that aren’t specifically related to the pest control services we provide.

We aren’t HVAC professionals, plumbers or carpenters . . . we are EXTERMINATORS . . . WE KILL BUGS!!  That said, as an added value to the service we provide, we try to find other things you need to know about and end up discovering lots of stuff in crawl spaces that no one else would ever see simply because we are THERE, in the depths of your crawl space.

If you haven’t been in your crawl space and want someone to take a look for you, OR maybe you have a simple questions about bugs, pests or termites . . . call Ennis Exterminating at 770-716-0867 and ask for me, Glenn Laney. I’ll be happy to speak with you any time!

Here’s wishing YOU a PEST-FREE Day!


PS:  And don’t forget to ask about our FREE Consultation and FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!

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