Control those annoying
mosquitoes, ticks & Fleas

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Family sitting outside on the lawn with their dog.

Keep your family and pets free from Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas all in one combined service – Ennis Bite Block

You no longer need to pay for three different services to protect your family from Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas. Ennis Bite Block combines the benefits of all three services into a single service to keep you Bite-Free year-round.
Don’t wait for Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas to become a problem . . . they can be prevented!
By using the absolute best products, you can actually reduce the amount of pesticides around your home AND have a more effective service at the same time
Save Money by combining Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas into one service . . . there is no longer a need for three separate services
Ennis Bite Block interrupts the life cycle using the most advanced Insect Growth Regulators so that these biting insects can’t even reproduce.

Get control of your mosquitoes, ticks & Fleas

Mosquito Reduction

You have the ability to help your family enjoy being outdoors without being bothered by nuisance mosquito bites. Take your yard back from mosquitoes with Ennis Bite Block service.
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Flea Reduction

Be your pet’s hero! Stop fleas from invading your yard and minimize the amount of flea medicine you have to give your dog or cat with the flea reduction effect of Ennis Bite Block.
Man playing with his dog in the back yard without having to worry about fleas or ticks because of Ennis Exterminating's treatment plans.
Family sitting outside with their dog enjoying the yard because they use Ennis Exterminating's prevative lawn treatments.

Tick Reduction

Ticks don’t just cause problems for your pets . . . they can cause problems for your family, too! Since ticks can carry diseases that can cause harm to humans, reducing the tick population around your home and limiting your family’s exposure to tick borne diseases can assist in a happier and healthier environment for both your family and your pets.
  • "We are new customers to Ennis and we have been very pleased with their service. Each person we’ve had contact with has been so courteous and helpful. We met John Hoerner yesterday, and he was efficient, friendly, and thorough. Great company to work with!"
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    Debbie C.
    Coweta County, GA
  • "Ennis Exterminating is a top-notch company! The technicians are always very friendly, extremely competent and greatly thorough in their inspections. My family and I appreciate their attention to detail and their professionalism."
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    Mickie S.
    Fayette County, GA
  • "We’ve used Ennis for several years and they’ve done a great job. It’s easy to schedule an appointment, their prices are comparable to other companies, and their employees are always prompt, friendly, and courteous. Derek Vandekerhove came out today and displayed all the qualities mentioned above. We’ve been very happy with their services and will continue to use them."
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    Amanda C.
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Bundle & Save

Take a proactive approach when it comes to pest control and bundle services to make sure you don't have to worry about pests in your home.

We will work with you to create a treatment plan that is made specifically for your home or business.

Here’s how to quickly and effectively keep pest problems under control

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Step 1

Reach out
Call, click or email – we make it easy and convenient to get a quote and schedule your initial appointment.
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Step 2

Book Appointment
Receive regular pest control service at your convenience with our No Pest, Make You Happy Guarantee!
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Step 3

Relax knowing that you have a proactive pest control partner you can count on.