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The Problem with Termites

Termites have a genuine purpose in our eco-system. They help breakdown dead wood and return it back into our environment as healthy soil.  
Unfortunately termites do not know that they are destroying our homes. Each year it estimated in the U.S. that termite damage cost homeowners about $5 billion in damages and repairs to their homes. 
It's important to understand the risk homeowners in Fayetteville, GA have with the threat of subterranean termites. 

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Protecting Your Home From Termites

Ennis Exterminating was created and designed to protect homes in Georgia from the threat of termites. You can rest easy knowing our qualified staff have the best solutions when it comes to protecting your homeowners, new home buyers, and commercial properties from structural damages caused by feeding termites.

Every Home In Fayetteville is Different

Just like termite companies in Fayetteville, GA. Not all pest and termite companies are the same. Our team of termite experts understands that every home, every situation, and every structure of the home is different.

We are a company that is dedicated to mentoring our termite experts up; we provide new construction, structural, and continuing education so we can provide the best solutions for you.

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Ennis Exterminating is a full termite service company and can meet the needs for our Fayetteville consumers like homeowners, realtors, new home builders, and more.

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